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Are you planning a holiday? Thinking of a place where you will take a deep in the evening or unwind in a hot-tub? How about melting away the fatigue of running around with the relaxing touch of a massage therapist? Would you prefer a private time away from home, or a wild place where kids can have fun as well as play with their favorite pets? How about enjoying a barbeque right after you get the kids home from their Disney tour?  Well, regardless of the kind of holiday you have in mind, the accommodation facility you choose can make or break your vacation.

When planning a holiday in Orlando, there is no shortage of accommodation options. With a round up of resorts, hundreds of hotels, camp grounds and vacation rentals to choose from, Orlando is sure to cater to your needs regardless of your budget, and preferred size and location. 

Now, with such variety of accommodation options, it is quite challenging to choose the most appropriate facility. To make the search easier, there are a few factors you need to consider, among them being the attractions you want to visit, your budget, and other preferences such as pets, and back yard.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Perfect Holiday Accommodation Facility

When planning a holiday and have no idea where to start, here is a tip. Take a pen and a paper and work out the dates that will be most convenient for you.  Once you are done, calculate what your holiday budget is, right from travel, meals, accommodation, shopping and always have some emergency stash. Here are a few things that can help you figure out your accommodation needs.

The number of people going on that holiday
How long you plan on staying
What are our preferences; singles, suites, villas, holiday home rental or buying, etc
Amenities in the preferred accommodation facility
Proximity to preferred attractions and activity venues
The rules of the facility e.g. no pets
The cost of the accommodation (and if it is inclusive of meals and other services such as transport to and from the establishment)
The preferences of the party going on holiday
Accessibility of other amenities such as shopping arcades and food markets
Travel and availability schedules of the preferred facilities
Your preferred activities: do you want to cook, barbeques or stay in full board accommodation facilities

Some Tips to Getting a Bargain

Accommodation takes the bulk of holiday expenses, alongside meals and shopping. Therefore, if you can save on the accommodation, you will have much more to spend on fun activities and souvenirs as well as make your holiday pocket friendly. If it is your first time planning a holiday by yourself, here are a few things that could save you some cash.

Compare Prices

The internet has made it very easy for any holiday maker to access the prices of their preferred accommodation facility. All you need is a few clicks on different websites and you can know how much the facilities cost, the amenities offered, their proximity to preferred attractions and such details. This helps you to budget for the holiday as well as pick a facility that suits your budget

Set the Date

Now, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the tourism industry is seasonal. This means that if you book your accommodation facility in the peak season, you are likely to pay a higher amount compared to if you decided to go on vacation during the low season. It is also important to check the booking in different attraction facilities to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Some attraction sites require prior booking while others allow walk-in.


One of the costs that most people forget to factor in is transportation. Some accommodation facilities give residents transport services to attraction sites at no extra charge.  Others only give accommodation and meal facilities. Therefore, remember to factor in the cost of moving around. You may need to rent a car or a taxi.

Redeem the Bonuses

If you are member of a hotel loyalty program, you can check if you qualify for reduced rates or complimentary services. If you are a member of special groups such as the military, government officials, etc and are eligible for special rates, make good use of that. Always check out any opportunities for saving cash.

Parting Shot

There are endless places to stay in Orlando. The choice of accommodation facility will totally depend on your preferences. Campgrounds in Orlando are among the most popular facilities, though they may not be very appropriate if travelling with kids. Florida has the best of attractions and places to stay so you are sure to have a great time!


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