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Holiday accommodation, top things to check when renting furnished short term apartments

A Holiday sounds absolutely perfect right now, just what you need to recharge, relax and enjoy life for a while again. You decide that renting an apartment is ideal because then you can cater for yourself when you want to and you can eat out when you want to. Almost like home away from home. I have made notes of the different points you need to be aware of before signing the contract so that you are at peace, and sure that you can concentrate on the holiday itself. 

1.  Finding a Suitable Location

First things first, the best way to look for an apartment to rent for your stay is on the internet. There are sites that specialize in renting furnished holiday apartments, go through the buildings they have to offer, make a list of the apartments you like and then when you get there it will be easier to go check which of them meets your standard. web sites like Holiday Velvet, Airbnb and Craigslist are some of the perfect sites to start looking. You will never realise the amount of work it takes to find a place for a month or two. Once that is all in order, you get on with packing for the holiday and making sure all the last minute details have been seen to. Make sure the owners or agents of the apartments you chose know exactly when you will be there to view.

2.  Things to Look For

When you arrive at the apartment, try making sure you go during the peak hour so you are aware of the noise factor. Find out if there are any post boxes and if there are make sure the keys are available, also for any door in the apartment that you may want to lock. The next big thing is the pipes and water system, sass out how old the building is. Once you have that information you will be able to decide for yourself if checking the pipes is necessary. You will also need to make sure all the taps work properly and that they do not drip.

Another important thing to check is the hot water tank, find out how big it is and decide if it is sufficient size for yourself and whoever will be staying with you. Always make sure there are no cracked or broken windows. Pay attention to all doors and locks, this includes cupboard doors. Check shelving and hanging space, the reason for this is so that if there are any breakages you can add it to the contract or take photos of them to avoid any disputes later. In fact, try to see it as you are moving into an apartment that will be yours while you are living there and any damages or breakages you will have to pay for when you leave. If it is all recorded before you sign the contract you are free and clear and you can have peace of mind that the only things you will have to pay for will be as a result of your own actions.

Do not forget all appliances such as the ice box, the cooker, the kettle, the microwave, the telly, DVD machine. In fact, any appliance you notice in the apartment, also look if the frying pans have scratches and are useless. All these checks seem daunting, but for the short-term rental issue, it is worth the inconvenience.

3.  Signing the Agreement

When you sign the agreement between yourself and the lessor, the subject of Who has more rights? may come up. It is for that reason that all the checks have been done, so that there are no issues about who broke or damaged the things in the apartment. If everybody did this and it became a standard procedure, it could help towards solutions to short-term rental problems. The problem is that things get broken and damaged and they get hidden away, the owner or agent does not have the finances or do not want to spend any of their own money on repairs so they look to see who they can put the blame on.

Now that all the formalities are over you can get on with the business of your holiday. You will have peace of mind, you can relax and be pampered and know full well that when you leave to go back home you will not have incurred any additional expenses.

Final Thoughts

Do your research thoroughly, choose the best apartment and arrange everything at home. Lastly check everything you need to check, talk to the lessor, sign the agreement once all formalities are over. Enjoy your extremely well deserved holiday. It only happens once in a while.





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